(Video) The Cardano Wallet

Posted on July 18, 2018

This is a recording of a presentation I gave for the Cardano foundation at the first Cardano meetup in the Netherlands. The presentation was aimed at a general audience, and assumed no prior knowledge. The abstract was:

A cryptocurrency wallet is the primary means by which end users from private individuals to large exchange nodes interact with a blockchain. Its primary function is to keep track of the user’s unspent outputs and enable them to submit new transactions into the network. As part of the redesign of the Cardano wallet we have written a detailed mathematical specification, which we use for development and testing. In addition, we have done extensive research into “coin selection”, the process of choosing unspent outputs from the user’s wallet to fulfill a payment request. In this presentation we will give a high-level description of both of these strands of work.

Watch the presentation on YouTube